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Welcome to Ladybirds!


In Ladybirds, we care for children aged 2 years and 6 months until the are ready to transition to Busy Bees, our preschool room.Children will normally transition from Ladybirds around 12 months prior to starting school. Children are cared for in  stimulating environment with a ratio of staff to children that allows high levels of adult support, where needed. 


Building and developing the children's self confidence, self esteem and independence is a key focus in Ladybirds ready for their transition to Busy Bees e.g. putting on their own coats and shoes and attending to their own toileting needs. The children feel respected and valued, sharing their own ideas about activities and taking on roles around the room e.g. setting the table for mealtimes. We develop close relationships with our families to support the development of these skills at home and within our setting. 


Every day, the children take part in speaking and listening activities and games, using Kofi the Monkey and Lola the Leopard to support and engage the children. These activities are fun and exciting, whilst promoting important skills such as turn taking, following instructions and deveopling communication skills in small groups. 


In Ladybirds, you will also find our Nursery pet tortoise, Tommy Zoom!The children love to help take care of Tommy Zoom, feeding him, bathing him and watching him exercise and climb!


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