Thomas loves coming to nursery. He is constantly learning and we have been impressed at the effort that goes into his development. As parents, the one thing we never worry about is Thomas' day at nursery. We know he is in good hands and is happy. Special mention must go to the potty training. We followed the staffs expertise and Thomas had nearly cracked it within a week-in reality all of the hard work was done by the nursery staff during the day. We're really pleased with his development and how much he enjoys nursery. Thanks to all the staff for creating such a nice environment,


James and Loise


Louie has been in the Butterflies for a couple of months now and has settled straight in, knowing staff and childrens' names. He sits at home and does the register, sings the 'morning song', all of our family know the 'talking bag' song and wherever the bag is present, Louie insists on a version of 'what's in the bag?' He rolls his sleeves up to 'wash hands'and all these things have obviously come from his nursery life! I feel that all the staff know the children really well. Louie recently fractured his leg at home and is still getting back to normal. The girls gave him extra support at this difficult time and gave him the encouragement for him to start putting weight on his leg again! I feel that it's not just a job for the staff, they genuinely care and love the children which is reassuring when I leave my precious boy in their care.

Much appreciated from the Burns family.

Thank you X

p.s. love the picture messages to brighten my day!


Evie moved into Butterflies in March. She's quite a shy, quiet girl and was a little unsure at first, but it didn't take her long at all to settle in, which speaks volumes for the nursery staff who look after her. Evie suffered a wheat allergy and we have been so impressed with with the way the staff have dealt with this, ,we have been constantly consulted on the types of food she could/couldn't eat and they have always kept a close eye on her at mealtimes. Evies' development has come on in leaps and bounds and she has turned into  a more confident little girl who loves the variety of activities she does each day. The feedback we get each day is informative and the staff always take the time to chat if we need to discuss anything. I especially like it when I get a picture message at work. They always make me smile and it's comforting to see what she is getting up to,


Kay and Pete