Ladybirds room

These are comments from parents after we sent home a DVD of a typical day in the ladybird room;


Thank you for sharing the day to day events that go on in the Ladybird room. Lewis and I watched it together and he loved pointing out all the other children and naming them. I too, like other parents would have loved to be a fly on the wall to see what goes on when we have our children at Homestead, but by providing us with the DVD, which proves that all the pain I feel when I leave Lewis day to day, is worth it for the thousand smiles that you see. I know I leave Lewis in the hands of people who really love, cherish, educate and look after him so well. I've always known that Homestead  and the girls and Stuart the cook that look after Lewis are worth a million, but after watching the DVD I now know he is also very much at home in Ladybirds with all his friends and teachers. you all do the most wonderful job and for that I will always be most grateful.




How lovely to be able to se what Jacob and his friends do at nursery. They have so much fun and seem to thoroughly enjoy their time learning and playing.

Jacob loved watching the DVD with us, pointing out who his friends are and joining in when there was singing, clapping etc. The team at Homestead are fabulous!


Catherine and Shane


Excellent - really enjoyed watching my little girl play from a fly on the wall position - she seems so happy. Great to see the wide range of activities the children were getting up to and also how involved the staff were in the activities. Thoroughly enjoyed it and can't wait for the next "episode"

Thank you,


Ella's mum


This is such a great idea and an effective way of onvolving families in the children's learning and development.

The children's independence is very impressive as is the learning environment. It is wonderful to see the children learning and having fun,


Pam (Ella's grannie)


Really enjoyed watching the DVD. Noticed Oliver in a few shots! Loved the music on in the background! Glad to see manners are expected. Really good to see what happens through the day. I probably need to expect Oliver to do more for himself at home. Especially setting the table and tidying his plates away! Thank you for taking the time to film this,


Olivers mum